Everything you need to know about London Underground

In the new world, traveling is one of the best ways to relax the mind and explore new things. Some countries are constructing an underground traveling network which is one of the attractive points to travel through underground.


London has one of the best underground rail networks all over the world. In London, the underground rail also known as “the tube”. This is a very great way and adventurous ride to travel to and from London from one London Escort to another.


UK’s capital (London) is very eye-catching for tourists, tourists came from all over the world in London and visit the beautiful sights. This article will guide the tourists who want an underground tour of London.

A network of London Underground

In the London underground system, there is a total of 11 zones, in which central London is covered by zone 1.


  • There are a total of 11 tube lines for 11 zones.
  • In London, tube service is available from 5 am till midnight, mostly night services are available on Friday and Saturday.
  • Oyster is the way to travel underground at the best prices.
  • The fare of the tube depends on tourists that how far they want to travel.


In London, mostly area is served by 11 tube lines, that connecting Docklands Light Railway (DRL), local train network of London and London overground line. The public transport network of London Is locally known as the London tube. This tube is divided into 9 travel zones. Central London covers Zone 1 of the network and zones six to nine are on the boundary of the city.

Payment card for underground travel

Traveling underground is not as easy as related to cost, because it takes almost 4.90 euros, but in London visitors, an oyster card is preferable for underground traveling. Oyster card offers the same facility in 2.40 euros and sometimes give special deals on the card for its members. This is the one tip of saving money while traveling in London underground. In London, there are some special offers for special persons such as students, children and the elderly, they have to pay less while traveling on the London subway.

Oyster card and Travel Card in London

Oyster cards are electronic smartcards. In London, Oyster cards are used to pay in public transport. Somehow, oyster cards and contactless payment cards are the cheapest and easiest way to pay travel fees in London.


Travelers from out of the UK can buy this card online too, but if they do not want it online they can buy it from stations TFL visitors and oysters ticket shop.

The contrast between Oyster cards and Visitor Oyster Cards

Visitor Oyster card is for the non-British people; they must be purchased online or from stores before traveling in the UK. Oyster card is mostly for the local people of London, but special offers and promotions are not included in Oyster card. Oyster card is available at 5 euros which are refundable and can also be loaded with some credit.

Why the Oyster Card?

Oyster card is valid on almost all the local public transport of London such as Tubes, DLR, buses, National Rail services in London, etc. Oyster cards offer many services such as:


  • Save time – just scan the card and ready to travel, no time wasting for buying tickets. It is more than 50% cheaper than the price of London public transport.


  • An oyster card, when you reach the limit you do not need to pay for transport except for some transportation.

Map of London Tubes

The map of London tubes is designed in the 20th century by Harry Beck in 1933. It is very clearly designed all the paths, interchanged and train designate from all directions (north, south, east, west ). London tube station provides the map of London underground tubes, so the traveler is well known by the path and their destination.

Tips to make joyful Journey of London Tubes

  • Check the direction of the train correctly that in which way it will move for the right destination point.
  • Read the map to find your destination and then calculate stops how many time the tube will stop during your trip.
  • Use ethics, wait for the tube passengers to leave the train before entering into it.
  • Don’t stand in front of the entrance that will block the path of the passenger’s way.
  • While waiting on the platform for the train, stand behind the yellow line for safety.
  • Offer your seat to those who most deserve then you such as a sick person, pregnant lady, elders, disable, blind, etc.
  • Tightly grab the hanging stand while traveling on the tube standing, this will help you to not to slip on the subway.
  • Create a gap from the person on the subway for both comfort zone.


Accessibility of London Underground

Some numerous steps are there to get access to London tubes, sometimes when the crowd is on the peak, most people use elevators to reach the platform. In this case, use stairs to go to the ticket hall and reach first at the yellow line to get the subway.





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