Car rental

What is the difference between leasing and long-term rental?


The key component that differentiates these two forms of car use is the final purchase of the vehicle to the tenant. In the case of a long-term rental, this is not possible. The duration of the lease is specified in the contract and ends with the end of the term. At the moment when the user would like to take advantage of the purchase of a car, he can use a lease that gives us the opportunity right after the lease contract ends.

For whom long-term rental is the most profitable?

This type of rental is targeted at companies as well as private vehicle users who value high travel comfort and quality. The rental is intended mainly for people who currently do not have the opportunity to buy a good brand car that could meet their expectations. The tenant sets out with the user all specific terms of the contract so that both parties are satisfied.

Costs of long-term rental

Currently, long-term rental is on the rise in popularity of this type of vehicle use. One of the factors influencing such a turnover is the affordable price. The fees include: one-time deposit and monthly fees, which operate on the basis of a subscription specified in the contract for a predetermined time of vehicle usage.

Car Rental And Supply Car Rental – Central London Cheap Escort Agency

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